What is Clickfunnels?

Now you are asking the right question.

If you are an online business marketer or owner, this might be a turning point to evaluate in your business career. Let’s just assess the current mood of online marketers.

To start a business online you need to know website management, then to showcase your products and manage them, you need an online store. Payment methods and money flow is another factor to pay attention to.

Web hosting, domain management, website and content security…above all traffic to the website is the ultimate profit grabber.

So if you want to expect growth and profit in your business, you have to be an expert in all of these areas.

Now tell me, which of you are an expert in all of these?Nobody is!

This is where the software Clickfunnels comes handy. This software is becoming the ultimate life-saver for millions of people around the globe.

Clickfunnels was started in 2013 by Russel Brunson with the motive of supporting tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

ClickFunnels makes it easy for any entrepreneur to develop their marketing funnels in just minutes.
We will try to understand and make click funnel a business strategy by the end of this article.

But in order to comprehend the idea of click funnel, we must familiarise with terms like a sales funnel, landing page etc because click funnel is all about incorporating these terms into a single platform.

If you don’t know about them then there is no point reading about Clickfunnels.


It is quite common to get stuck at the term ‘landing page’ while reading about online marketing and click funnels. Usually, people open a tab and search “landing page” to get the google description. The description given by oxford English is shown here.

The fact is that technically speaking this definition doesn’t even qualify the actual purpose of landing page and their function. In business language, the purpose of the landing page is a webpage which is modified especially for advertising or marketing campaign.

A landing page cannot be any webpage as a ‘homepage’ or ‘who we are’. Unlike other webpages, the landing page is single focused.

hen a customer or visitor click on an invitation link from an email, Facebook, youtube or any other marketing platforms, they will dock on this page.

his page will lead the customer to only one direction which is a marketing strategy to enhance conversion rates and sales from customers.

Look at this comparison between a Homepage and a Landing page. There are multiple links connected to the homepage while the landing page has only one exit option.

This helps the marketer to guide the visitor to the right path turning them into a potential valid customer.

Image from Unbounce

The landing page is made most convincing and simple for the customer to understand the purpose of them being a part of it.

Most of the landing pages contain a form or data gathering strategy to collect the details of the customers which will help the marketer to mould the raw customer into potential and sales scoring one.


Have you ever thought why your customers are getting distracted and lost while exploring through your websites?

Why most of the visitors end up being prospects and not potential customers?

This is where many business startups fail while ensuring a high visitor to customer conversion rate. Some might have high visitors but sales don’t reach up to the expectation.

his is where the idea of sales funnel is most vital. To simplify the idea even further, let me explain it more physically.

onsider a pipe. If we are pouring water from one end of the pipe the water will come out through the other end of the pipe.

Assume the one upper end of the pipe as higher funnel stage and lower end of the pipe as lower funnel stage, every prospect entering the higher funnel stage won’t end up in the lower funnel stage.

Most of them get lost in the middle stages. This possibility is a great loss considering the efforts took by the marketing team to attract customers into the website.

Brick and mortar sales funnel are the most discussed and implemented funnel strategy now. It is the sales funnel used to convert prospects into customers over physical products without a dropshipping service platform involved.

The stores must be directly handled by the vendor or merchants itself in the brick and mortar sales funnel strategy.

You can learn about how Russel Brunson converted his thousands of visitors into million-dollar business conversion with their FREE Brick and Mortar 3-Day Interview series.


Clickfunnels is a simple tool or software that helps new entrepreneurs to create their own attractive and effective marketing sales within countable clicks. Here you don’t have to be a techie or online marketing professional.

People are fed up depending on several techies to get each stage of their marketing funnel done. This will cost more and in the end, they are all pieces that must be put together in proper order.

Even after this management and assessment of these individual funnels are difficult regarding the business owner.

Every individual page…​The shopping cart…​The autoresponder chains…The vendor accounts…Payment methods and tracking…

These are laborious to stamp together and make this work as a sequence to result in considerable profit.

Clickfunnels unites all these stages into one software making it easy for the entrepreneurs to manage and view their business flow.

How is Clickfunnels is advantageous?

This is how Clickfunnels comprises the services they are providing to make the entire marketing and sales procedure for the entrepreneurs.

They are not just useful for a new entrepreneur but an entire survival kit to compete and thrive in your marketing field.

ome of the common plus points regarding Clickfunnels is that they ayre extremely userfriendly, simple, manageable, structure and tools are easy to comprehend, free tools and tons of other things.

o if put modestly, it is hard for you not to survive with click funnel if utilised in the best way possible.


You might think how could a funnelling tool enhance my business strata compared to the effort you have put in pushing it. The thing is that click funnel is everything you ever wanted.

ClickFunnels Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need In One Convenient Spot!

Yes, ClickFunnels Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need To Market, Sell, AND Deliver Your Products Online. Let us assume you are running a T-shirt business which needs to be marketed and sold in the good count to achieve your target profit.

You might be losing your money on website design, store modelling, stock management, domain and hosting, security issues, payment tracking, shipping and delivery etc.

Above all, difficulty to manage all of these using different strings. If you are adopting the click funnel as your survival kit, you get all the above-mentioned tools under one umbrella.

Once you become a click funnel user you become able to access all the stages of your business from a single seat with a laptop or computer in front of you without having to depend on a single techie soul.

You become the manager and owner of your business.

This was you can manage the T-shirt production sheets, the inventory and designs, the customer conversion rates, marketing flow, sales flow, funnel efficiency, track of purchase, customer information, payment and money, delivery and shipping etc from a single software.

Isnt that great?

You may need assistance to familiarise with the click funnel tools and method of using it to grow your business.

The best thing about Clickfunnels is that they are providing free training and information regarding click funnels and their implementation to take any small business into a million project business using experts from click funnel.

You can learn about this platform joining the Free 30 Days Summit.

They’ve gathered 30 incredible marketing experts from different fields to talk about a cool topic that will hit home with a LOT of entrepreneurs…
Don’t lose such great opportunities to learn from the expertise!

Clickfunnels is not only utilised by direct merchants but also by affiliate marketing and dropshipping marketing experts to enhance the customer marketing campaign.

These are efficiently implemented by such marketing platforms.

The affiliate and dropshipping marketing platforms utilise this software to monitor their entire sales funnels and to drive intense traffic into the site where the visitors are not just prospects but valuable customers ending up in purchasing from the website.


Clickfunnels is an advanced tool adopted by several business entrepreneurs to stream the entire business strata into one platform.

The clickfunnels had made vast change and advancement in the online marketing and sales sector due to its technical behaviour.

Now when it comes to choosing a sales software simply reading articles about them is not enough because the real reviews stay with real customers.

The customer satisfaction from clickfunnels is above 95% which is an ultimate positive flag to have trust in clickfunnels.

Even though there are many substitute platforms for clickfunnels, the most adapted and advanced is clickfunnels.


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