Let’s admit that we are all part of the online shopping community in one way or another. Some different features and services attract us while some others push us away from certain platforms.

Every element in the online shop influences us into buying or rejecting a product. Isnt it?

Sometimes even if the product is outstanding, we end up dropping the decision to buy it at the end of the page. Have you thought why is this?

Depending on a customer, this is not something that needs to be dragged into attention. But concerning an online marketer or online business, this marks a great impact on their entire sales.

People end up dropping the shopping because sometimes the checkout pages are too complicated or not smooth as it is required to be.

Sometimes there won’t be enough payment options, disturbing page templates etc. So yes, the checkout page is a vital factor determining your sales and thereby profit.

This is where SAMCART holds its place. SAMCART helps you create conversion based checkout pages boosting your sales and profit. Let us have a deep-down look at what SAMCART is and what all features it has to offer!


SAMCART is a third-party web-based checkout/shopping cart platform found by Scott Moran and Brian Moran. This easy add-on tool will help you boost your sales with checkout page optimisation.

This will enhance the conversion rates under your sales pages.

The main factor making SAMCART a wise choice is its adaptation to most of the online tools including email servicing and payment methods.

Yes, it is EASY and QUICK!

It doesn’t matter whether your products are informative, digital or physical ones. SAMCART got you covered on all kind of product sales with cool and optimised cart pages.

It will only take less than half an hour to completely flourish your checkout page that will change the face of your business. Now, what are they doing to boost our sales so much with just some cool templates and add on?

Believe me! They have some attractive features folded in their sleeves to implement appreciative conversion funnels.


  • Attractive checkout templates

The checkout page templates are the coolest feature. They exhibit a wide variety of checkout pre-built templates from which you can select the aptest for you. Different people might like different ones.

All the pre-built templates are simple and easy to go through. 

What we need is to reduce the bounce rate and boost the conversion rate making every prospect into a potential customer coming back from the experiences.

In addition to the pre-built templates, there is an option to customise the checkout page yourself. 

The easy DRAG AND DROP tool helps you move around and play with different elements and features inside your checkout page. You can customise with,

  • Set colours
  • Toggle various areas
  • Add custom fields
  • Select checkout pages button text
  • Append guarantee terms
  • Append testimonials
  • Customise the content
  • Add Terms and Conditions

The guarantee and testimonial options keep your customer’s security concerns at ease. This is also a marketing technique.

The testing or sandbox mode let you visually comprehend the efficiency and working of your page before it going live.

 This is a great advantage since you don’t have to publish your checkout designs to know how they work!

  • Last moment order Bumps

This is a sales generating tactics adopted by SAMCART software. This technique is common under various companies and online shops. 

The SAMCART checkout pages let you exhibit supplementary products which can be bought along with the product that the customers are buying. 

If you are buying a bed, the checkout pages will showcase ads of supplementary products like pillows, bed sheets etc. This last moment add-on purchase will enhance your average order sales revenue to a great extend.

The Upsell Tab will let your customise and create your bump offers making it attractive and convincing.

  • A/B Testing

If you are a Clickfunnels user, you might be familiar with this tool. A/B testing is a comparison conducted between two funnels or pages to determine which one works better in advance.

This will reduce the complications of throwing them live before knowing their efficiency in detail.

Don’t you want to know which template is more converting and which one will be more optimising?

With A/B testing tool you can confidently release your pages online.

You can make different alterations into your page o evaluate the change in conversion rates with each change. This will let you know which combination of elements works the best for you!

  • Payment plans

Customers require a quick and easy shopping experience. The payment methods are one factor determining this. 

SAMCART doesn’t have much payment gateways compared to ThriveCart which is a competitor of SAMCART. 

SAMCART offers only 2 payment gateways, PayPal and Stripe. This will leave you quite confused.

We believe that the more payment gateways, the more customers, right?

SAMCART adopts a slightly different strategy to keep its customers satisfied.

Rather than providing multiple payment gateways, they offer only two which are mostly accepted around the world.

But what they offer is the variety of payment plans which are not available with other software. SAMCART lets their customer to chose a payment plan from the following,

  • One Time
  • Recurring Weekly
  • Recurring Monthly
  • Recurring Quarterly
  • Recurring Yearly
  • Recurring Customer Days

This flexibility in payment procedure overcomes the limited payment gateways option.

  • Subscription saver

Everyone doesn’t need to conclude their payment at a proper time as you expect. Most engage in business believing so!

There are chances that your customer pay engage in payment and get cancelled in middle. If the customer cancels the credit card or charges before completing the payment, you will lose the subscription income.

The SAMCART facilitates an automatic system to help you recover your loss if credit cards are terminated or payments are rejected.

It automatically sends the customer mail informing them to complete their payment directly from an inbox using saved files from customer payment directory.

If the customer is not able to complete their payment even after multiple trials, SAMCART will cancel their subscription.

  • Affiliate programs

Do you want to spend a fortune on ads and promotion for your products online?

No you dont!

With SAMCART you dont require any ads or promotion tools because you can have your own set of affiliates to promote your products online.

You need to pay only if the affiliates bring a sales for your product.

Only premium plan users are fortune enough to enjoy this facility under SAMCART. Basic plan users cannot create an affiliate centre under their product banner.

You can create affiliate sign up page youself inorder to invite affiliates. This services made accessible under the Apps option.

  • Integrates with everything

The best advantage over any online software must be that it should integrate with 3rd party tools and software. Since everything is being controlled online, we might need the assistance and application of other tools. 

If your tool is not blending along with them, it is of no use opting them.

Luckily, SAMCART goes along with almost everything!

This is a great benefit. The software integrates with Email, marketing automation, membership, page builders, payment providers and other third parties.


Creating your desired optimized checkout page with SAMCART is easy!

The setup is so contoured that users can design a fully operative checkout page in less than thirty minutes. Let us evaluate the step by step procedure for the former.

  • Add your new physical or digital product.
  • Choose which payment structure you are going to opt-in your business. It could be a one-time payment or a recurring subscription.
  • Select an apt checkout page template.
  • Conclude on your final customisation suiting your brand and products.
  • If you want, add upsells, select integrations, create split tests, and create coupons.
  • Now the page is ready for going live. You can promote your products and earn from the sales.


Let us not polish the truth here.

Yes, SAMCART is quite expensive. But considering the features and tools, you can have a hand on under that price, it is worth it.

SAMCART comes with 3 plans,

  • Basic/Launch plan ($49/mo)

This plan is suitable for beginner entrepreneurs who are planning to launch their initial products online. Many features and tools of SAMCART are locked in this plan.

You can access checkout pages, drag and drop builder, coupons etc

  • Pro/ Grow plan ($99/mo)

You can save up to 25% if you are choosing an annual pro plan reducing your monthly payment to $74. 

This plan includes 18+ checkout templates, One-Time Payments, Subscriptions, Trials, & Plans, One-click upsells, A/B testing, Customer management, advanced reporting etc.

  • Premium/Scale plan ($199/mo)

This plan comes with 1,788 /year or $149 /month with the annual subscription. All the features adhered with the pro plan is available with the premium plan with some add-ons like,

  1. The Subscription Saver 
  2. The Affiliate Center
  3. Dedicated Training & Support – Premium members get a dedicated training area and first-class support when you need it.


Keeping aside the pricing plan, SAMCART is a great online tool that could bring a visible boost in your sales revenue.

If you are looking for a landing page builder, SAMCART would be a bad choice. It is more of a shopping cart checkout platform which enables easy and optimised checkout option resulting in enhanced conversion rates.

  • It is easy to use
  • easy integration with third-party tools
  • One-click upsells
  • attractive features…

Yes, there are some flaws which cannot be avoided as well like limited payment gateways, lack of support of cryptocurrency etc. But if you look at the pros, the flaws are outnumbered pretty clearly.

If you are not looking forward to features like A/B Testing, the Grow plan will be sufficient to run your online business.

Overall, SAMCART is a cool and growing tool that is creating a visible change in the revenue of many online business entrepreneurs nowadays.

You can always go for the FREE 14 DAY TRIAL of SAMCART!


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