This is a highly discussed question on online platforms. It is a similar topic as that of Affiliate Marketing vs Dropshipping. People are deeply concerned about the ups and downs in online marketing. Why is this?

As per my understanding, a considerable percentage of the world population is connected to the marketing field in one way or another.

Some are merchants, some are affiliates or marketers and most of us are customers. Now we might think how are customers connected to marketing platforms?

They are. They are the primary prey of all the businesses.

So the question of whether affiliate marketing is dead or not is quite relevant to a bunch of valuable online users. And the answer is NO!

We will discuss the detailed evaluation of the possibilities of this answer in the article further below. But before that, it is necessary to understand what affiliate marketing is and what are its potentialities.


Simply put in order, affiliate marketing is a marketing technique in which you find a product of different merchants and promote it to carry out a sale.

Once the sale is done via your sales funnel or marketing link, you get a fixed commission. Let’s make it even clearer in case you are still confused.
Assume you have a website or blog with appreciable traffic and a good amount viewers.

You can join as an affiliate associate of an established business platform to activate your affiliate link to that business landing page.

Once a customer land on that business platform through your sales funnel or affiliate link and make a purchase, the business platform will track the sales route with sales funnel ending up on that purchase.

People had taken the affiliate marketing to the next level recently. Before it was marginalised to certain affiliate associate programs and google ads.

Now affiliate marketing ventures and companies had emerged in business making the affiliate marketing more advanced and profitable.

This is where the relevance of the question of whether affiliate marketing is dead or not arises.


Why are people concerned about this question? What started this question?

During mid-2012, affiliate marketing had to face a certain crisis or more of a competition which disqualified certain affiliate marketing platforms due to inability to meet most required benchmarks to run it.

Even google affiliate program was shut down in 2013 since GAN(Google Affiliate Network) was introduced late into a business when other affiliate marketers were running smoothly.

In addition to this, Amazon existed as a viable competitor for google since the range of amazon affiliate program was wide.

But none of these facts leaves affiliate marketing dead.

Affiliate marketing is still one of the most active and running business platforms even though certain old tactics and tricks to invite site visitors had been altered.

Yes, the old manoeuvre adopted for establishing affiliate marketing is dead and partially useless in the new era since technology is advancing.

Platforms are changing so are the strategies.
Look, you don’t need to be a high working-class affiliate company to earn a substantial income out of affiliate marketing.

Even if you are a small business starter or newcomer, there are multiple possibilities for you to survive and succeed in the affiliate marketing sector.

The primary agenda is to grow with the time and advance in technological growth rather than sticking on to the old cliche techniques.

Affiliate marketing will not die until there are merchants or vendors around the world wanting to sell their products.


Here we will discuss why you can stick your faith in affiliate marketing in the future.
Revenue from affiliate marketing is continuously increasing by 10% every year from 2015. This is expected to linger until 2021 as per studies.

Along with the technological advancement the affiliate marketing has found its prominence in the online advertisement sector.

Now 15% of the total digital media advertising-income is generated from affiliate marketing.

There are tons of marketers and publishers around the globe trying to attract the attention of potential customers into their business platforms thus inducing a sale and revenue out of it.

The primary requirement is the same for everyone. Customers!

Whatever strategy ending up in heavy traffic on the landing page and increasing revenue is adaptable regarding them. That is why 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers opt for affiliate marketing as a method of marketing.

ShareASale is the popular affiliate network regarding marketers and they secure the first position in the marketing industry share, ie 55.7% of market share.
Following ShareASale are the next largest affiliate networks like Rakuten LinkShare( 40.64%), Avangate(31.08%), and eBay Network(30.32%).

You might think is affiliate marketing worth taking all the risk. I will give you an example to not think so.

Some of you might be familiar with the affiliate marketing platform, Groupon. This company which was broke in 2009 now holds the largest Initial Public Offering(IPO) by a network company after Google.

They took advantage of the leverage in the demand of affiliate marketing that came in after they failed to place their company at one of the top positions as of now.

So yes, if you are exercising the right techniques at the right time, affiliate marketing is the most reliable platform to establish a business and generate revenue.


Everybody is informed about the fact that affiliate marketing platforms are earning a fortune out of their businesses. Then why do we see lots of people struggling to make money out of affiliate marketing?

What might be going wrong?

There are lots of factors that need to be evaluated here. The basic problem is that some give up so quickly.
Online platforms are not magical land of Narnia to help you generate appreciable income just when you step your legs into the business.

It takes time and effort and strategies to establish your ideas crossing the existing competitions you have to face.

The next important factor is to stick onto a niche. I have come across failed affiliate platforms who made the mistake of keeping hands on multiple marketing strategies at the same time.
The problem with this approach is that you end up having nothing. Always stick onto one marketing strategy, become an expert in it and then move on to next strategy.

This way you know you have properly understood every marketing strategy you had opted.
One of the other mistakes everybody makes is to fix the ultimate goal as money.

When we are a starter or newbie into the marketing business we must always be careful to create a valuable audience who are satisfied in the service you are providing.
Once this phase is established money will follow.

We must always have a plan regarding everything happening in your marketing business.
This will include which platforms you are opting to conduct the marketing, what products you want to market, what kind of customers you are seeking, how to generate traffic into the website etc.

Each of these factors determines the existence of your affiliate marketing business.
If you are looking forward to growing your affiliate program, recurring research about the recent mood of business and marketing tools is vital.

Yes, the more knowledge you can gain regarding what you are doing and what people of the same business is doing, the more possibility you have in surviving and being successful.

Hard work and knowledge is the primary cause of every success story.
The king tool of affiliate marketing is generating traffic. This is where most fail because this is the hardest part of the whole thing.

One of the most asked questions among marketers and website owners is “How to increase the traffic into your site?”. There are multiple ways to do so.

The thing is that if a million customers are visiting your website but only a percentage of them is ending up being revenue providers, the whole idea of intense traffic is useless.
We need customers who purchase and become revenue providers.

That is why the affiliate platforms invest in tracking the traffic route using affiliate links or observing sales funnel.
The Clickfunnels is a tool used by many affiliates and merchants to create organised and clean sales funnel which help them track the path of every customer ending up in a purchase.

Since not every entrepreneur is a programmer or coder, Clickfunnels placed its relevance in the online platforms.

How do you expect higher traffic into your website when your neighbouring website has the same affiliate link as that of yours?

You can either invite traffic into your website through paid traffic sources or by organically creating traffic. I highly recommend starting with organic traffic sources like blogging, youtube SEO, mailing, Social media like Facebook etc.

Once you establish a connection with a considerable amount of valuable customers you may move onto paid traffic sources. Viewer count will keep on increasing if your website is presenting great and informative content.

The content is the native advertisement or traffic puller of your website. Everything else is built upon this foundation.


Affiliate marketing is a great way of earning money if channelised in the proper direction. As discussed, every aspect counts and every step matters.

Every business whether online or not emerge out of lots of research and hard work. A lot of people put their effort for sometimes eventually giving up.

They think that affiliate marketing is dead while actually, it is not.
So, contribute value to the marketing platform, stretch range, and earn a profit! Who knows!

Eventually the keyword “affiliate marketing dead” might vanish from the internet soon.


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