Investigating on Funnelytics?

You might have had certain fallback in analysing your funnels after creating them or you want to make sure in advance that you are launching your funnels with all the advanced tools possible.

Both ways Funnelytics is a good choice.

Creating attractive and sales expected funnels is not sufficient. Because you don’t know whether the template you had chosen or the funnel you had opted will deliver you enough leads and conversions.

For this, you need proper sales funnels analyzing tools.

You need some seriously effective tools up your sleeve to succeed in such a competitive online platform.

Most of the marketers fail when it comes to keeping track of the key metrics. But it is quite effective and vital when it comes to funnels.

Funnelytics is one such software that not only helps you create funnels but also to map and analyse them.

Without further discussions let us jump into depth regarding Funnelytics and how effective it is for an online marketer.


Funnelytics is your new secret weapon for mapping funnels, calculating the stats that will make them profitable, and delivering results that are backed by clear, easy-to-read data.

Mikael Dia came up with the software after getting stuck at a stage where there were not many tools to track and analyse the funnels data.

So he invented this software to keep continuous track of your funnels and analyse the ups and downs.

Yes, you can not only create a funnel but also map and track the performance of your funnel. Now, this is not something you get everywhere!

You get to create astonishing funnels with simple drag and drop techniques with visual editor along with the platform to monitor the performance of your funnel.

Unlike Clickfunnels, Kartra etc, the Funnelytics doesn’t allow you to create landing pages or send emails. But you can map the sequences involving landing pages and sending emails.

So I wouldn’t say it is a complete replacement to Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels showcase its advantages and tools.

Read more about Clickfunnels here, ‘What is Clickfunnels- A Detailed Overview’.


There are some pretty cool features of Funnelytics that you may admire.

Let us have a look at each of them in deep.

  • Funnelytics Vault

This is a tool you can have access with the free Funnelytics membership as well. In Funnelytics vault you can find a collection of pre-built funnel templates.

You can have lifetime access to the Funnelytics vault with $47 where you will find funnel templates created and tested by prominent online marketing companies.

Now, this is a great advantage. It is better to choose funnels created by professional funnel makers rather than making one yourself from scratch.

This funnels collection include funnels created by 

  • Sam Ovens:
  • Dan Henry:
  • Ryan Levesque: ASK Method
  • Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets Book Funnel
  • Grant Cardone: The Millionaire Booklet
  • Molly Pittman: Digital Marketer etc

Each of their funnels will be loaded into your Funnelytics in just some clicks. The tool not only lets you use these limited funnels but also provide the tutorial on how to use them.

Isnt that crazy?

  • Drag and Drop Funnel builder

This is one of the highlight features of Funnelytics since the prospects have a key attraction towards this. Choosing a template and customising that funnel with drag and drop option is highly appealing.

The best thing is that the drag and drop option is available in both pro and basic version of Funnelytics.

 The entire process of creating a funnel is itself easy with Funnelytics. Altering the elements that you want is even easier. 

The drag and drop visual interface makes the marketing funnel strategies smoother than you predict. You can place any element at the desired location which looks more effective and appealing to you in some clicks.

  • Track and Analyze flow

Now all the mentioned tool comes under the “Map” setting. You can change it to “Analyze” setting any moment.

The analyze setting is an advanced tool assisting you to analyse and track the funnel behaviour and performance under some clicks.

Any funnel becomes successful considering its purpose if it is functioning properly. Now if the traffic is low and conversion is not reaching up to the expectation there is no point building funnels.

What if you can see and track everything happening around your funnel?

Don’t you think that will help you to get updated regarding your funnel all the time?

The track and analyze tools showcase the complete records and reports regarding how many prospects visited, how many made it to your target page, how many ended up being a potential customer etc.

The reports always keep you aware of what you are doing wrong and what changes can be bought to enhance the conversion rates.

  • Revenue Monitoring tool

The revenue monitoring system helps you keep track of the revenue generated at each phase of the funnel flow.


  • A large collection of pre-built funnel templates
  • Advanced tracking and monitoring tool keeping everything happening under one shade.
  • easy to use and implement
  • Simple to use Drage and Drop options
  • Can be incorporated to work with Clickfunnels funnel templates
  • Completely free and certain high end features made available under the basic free plan
  • Guidance and assurance from industry professionals regarding the funnels you are choosing.
  • Funnel design made available for download which makes it even simpler to share with others


  • The company is in phase one where they are testing and improvising their tools and Softwares
  • The platform doesn’t integrate smoothly with any online third-party tools. Doesn’t work with anything for now.
  • The Funnelytics doesn’t allow us to create and host a page. You have to seek the help of other funnel supporting platforms for that.
  • It is not a beginner-friendly platform. The page elements and events going on inside the Fynnelytics package are hard to comprehend for non-techie beginners.
  • Lack of autosave option in funnel management makes the users forced to manually every update.
  • Complete ignorance on the aspects, Email sending and email data tracking.

Funnelytics Pricing

Currently, Funnelytics has 3 plans. Each of them has its advantages compared to other plans. Let us have a look at each of them and the services offered under them.

  1. Starter Plan (FREE)

The starter plan is the FREE plan of Funnelytics where you can enjoy a collection of services offered by them. The plan allows only 10 funnels which make it quite congested when it comes to relaxed funnel mappings.

The plan holds you as a Funnelytics lifetime user even under the FREE banner. The plan offers the following features and services;

  • 1 Workspace
  • 6 Free Funnel Templates
  • 3 Canvases
  • Export to PNG
  • 75+ Marketing Icons
  • Share Funnels Between Accounts

. You can always upgrade to the marketer membership by paying $470/year or $49/month. This will extend your access to the following additional features; 

  • 2 Workspaces
  • 50+ Premium Funnel Templates
  • Outlook on Conversions, Revenue, and Gain
  • Infinite Canvases
  • Upload Custom Icons
  • Append Unlimited Clients and Team Members

The tracking and analyzing feature is not available along with the started plan. You can only map the funnels but not track them which is a drawback. Without proper monitoring system, funnel working will be affected.

2. PRO plan

The PRO plan comes under $99 per month when paid monthly but if you are opting to pay for an entire year, you get a discount of 25%. So if you are smart, go for a yearly plan.

This plan has the tracking and analysing tool which help you optimise your funnels all the time.

The PRO plan offers the following features in addition to the previously discussed started plan,

  • 3 Workspaces 
  • Compare Forecast vs. Real Metrics
  • Trace any Custom Action on your Pages
  • Conceive Progress on the Funnelytics canvas
  • Track & Measure Customers, Leads, Revenue and more
  • Chat Support

There are no free versions of the pro plan but you can have a 14-day money-back guarantee on it. The starter plan is the best shot for beginners.

Once you don’t like it, you can drop it where you felt uneasy. If you love it, you can pay for additional features and services.


So what do you think?

Is Funnelytics worth the money and hype it’s gaining online?

Here is what I think!

The main highlight of Funnelytics is the funnel tracking and analyzing tool. This is not something you could have access to with Funnel software like Clickfunnels or GrooveFunnels.

A visual representation of your customer behaviour and sales funnels flow is made possible here.

The advantage of such reports is that you can easily convince your funnel clients with the help of these analyzed reports.

The planning and mapping tool is also a cool feature of Funnelytics.

If you are someone planning to create and sell funnels or market your sales funnels strategies, Funnelytics is the best tool.

On other hand, there are lots of tools and elements that are still getting cooked inside Funnelytics. 

They haven’t been made accessible for the users yet. In general, it is not fully functional and established yet!

Now if you want to know what’s cooking inside Funnelytics, take your free starter plan and have a tour. If something interesting comes up, extend your needs!


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