The cloud-based storage facility is yet another fine example of the changing ways of the functioning of a business organization. Bygone are the days when people used to carry their work in floppy disks or even CDs and pen drives. Easy accessibility and all-time availability have simplified the norms of business so much that now you can easily be in touch with your data just by logging into your cloud storage account by your device from literally anywhere.

Sharing a file essentially means transferring a given data from one system to another over the internet. Whether it is for personal or business use, picking out a file-sharing software can be quite hectic. Some of the points you should consider before finalizing your application are the limit of the file size set by the application, the security of the data that is to be transferred, etc. But in these dynamic scenarios, one thing that still confuses marketers is which software they should use to get the best of services when it comes to sharing files. So, here in this blog, we have laid out for you the 5 Best File Sharing Software. 

Dropbox Business

This is the best suitable software for small and medium-size business firms. It comes in with an array of business-centric features such as, storing and sharing of files, viewing and editing files, it can Remote Wipe folders or files from lost or compromised computer systems and also puts the pressure off the back of IT developers. The software is, in itself, a versatile document management tool. The smart sync service of the software makes sure that the latest editions of the files stored locally or on the cloud can sync automatically. The services are divided into three categories, named Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. With the Standard plan, a user can avail unlimited storage service, several tools of administration, unlimited deletion facility, and a set of tools for collaboration purposes. A user can check out the Standard plan for a 30 day period, but they are required to provide their credit card or PayPal account details. The trial version of the software will automatically upgrade to the paid plan after the expiry of the 30 day period.

We Transfer

The service allows the sharing of files even without a sign-up. The receiver of the file has a window of seven days from the time when the file is shared within which they can download the file. For those using the service to manage their businesses can even opt for the premium service of the application. This allows files of size 20 GB to be transferred at one single time. The user can even set a custom time limit for the file to get deleted and can even set passwords for every file that is transferred.

Google Drive

This software is easily accessible from almost any device, be it a desktop computer or a mobile phone. This makes the service more valuable for use in the office and also for those employees who prefer working for home. You can store details regarding the tasks performed by your team in one shared folder. This shared workplace assists every team member to remain updated about the progress of work. Natural-language search and optical character recognition are some of the other prominent services provided by this cloud-based service. The software also integrates with other software such as CloudLock, DocuSign, LucidCharts, and other third party applications very easily. A user can access files of myriad types from this software such as PDFs, MPEG4s, Microsoft Word files, etc. The software follows a monthly billing cycle. It provides customer support via online chat, telephonic calls, and emails.

4. ShareFile

 The software is most suited for business houses looking for smooth workflow and, at the same time, provides strong data security. The application comes with a free of cost trial version and works on Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS platforms.

5. Nextcloud

Among prominent functions of the application include real-time synchronization of data, search options, messaging, encryption, drag, and drop options, etc. The software comes with a free of cost trial version to let the user get used to the application. It functions smoothly on platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. The firm also gives online customer support service and renders personal online training regarding the usage of the application.


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