One major stress that almost all Marketing and Salespeople feel is the stress to get quality leads. Getting leads used to be a concern once upon a time when things were only offline, but ever since Digital Marketing came into being and almost all possible social media or search engine channels got into the race, the leads started flowing in, and the focus shifted to getting better leads.

Of course, the acumen of the marketing and the sales teams had a huge role to play in the success of the campaigns, but how much success could a campaign probably get? What kind of keywords should be used, and why? What kind of targets should be set? What kind of parameters should be maintained to achieve the desired? All this, and a lot more, and we were standing at the cusp of one of the biggest data revolutions in analytics- Performance Marketing.

With the usage of Performance Marketing models, exploration began on adding more channels for lead generation and with the increasing number of leads, and the multiple steps before their final conversion arose the challenge for lead management. 

This necessity was fulfilled by some really good lead management solutions, the best 5 of which are discussed in this piece.


More than lead generation, it would be lead nurturing, which would be an apt word for Mailchimp given its multiple features involving communication automation and sending out nudges to the team. Mailchimp is of special assistance for businesses that are just starting up owing to its easy, user-friendly interface. Plus, it is easy to connect Mailchimp with most of the good marketing tools. 

Its dedicated audience dashboard helps with getting an understanding of the most critical points about audience behavior. The curated revenue, growth, and engagement analysis reports further add to Mailchimp’s usability.

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Given its own ecosystem of products and lead generation products, Hubspot is the lead management solution for those who want things to be supremely automated and hassle-free. Plus, Hubspot can be easily integrated with almost every possible tool that you are using, no matter how complex that is or how basic it is, and hence, if one is a Hubspot user, the going gets really easy.

Hubspot allows for a chronological timeline for all the touchpoints, thus helping you to understand and prioritize one touchpoint over the other as well as improve the individual efficiencies and effectiveness of each touchpoint too.

Its advanced contact intelligence makes it easier for an average Hubspot user to build targeted remarketing campaigns- be it SMS or email. This kind of hyper-targeting considering all the probable audience features at one go is something that sets Hubspot apart.

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BPM OnlineSale

Earlier known as BPM Onlinesale, the firm and hence the solution have now been rechristened as Creatio. The solution now provides not just lead management but demand generation and lead nurturing as well.

Its lead prioritization feature allows for the sales team to allocate their bandwidth and resources as per the probability of the leads getting converted. It’s more than the usual streamlined user interface that makes it easier for even the beginners to work since everything is right there, thanks to the seamless navigation options.

And finally, the one thing which has worked significantly in favor of creation is its screen optimization feature i.e., it can be used over any device, be it a laptop, tablet, or phone with equal ease.

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Accelo is one seriously business-oriented lead management system that not just supports the usual marketing communications and automation but also nudges the sales team as and when things are going off track.

This pro-active feature is what has helped Accelo on board, several customers, over a very short span of time. The solution provides for consultative selling; that is instead of you putting in the data to get the analytics, Accelo also makes recommendations about what all should be looked at and what all data should be gathered.

Accelo offers a seamless CRM integration as well as allows for collaboration between teams on the same platform.

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Powered with its advanced Artificial Intelligence backed analytics, allows one to automate the email sequences in order to not just reach the people but even the key decision-makers in the case of B2B firms. It has an algorithm that can be used to auto-generate the email addresses even if one email address from the firm could be known. also allows for helping with writing out the responses, a feature more advanced than but similar to the recent Gmail functionality.

It can very successfully nurture the leads to persuade them for a trial, demo request, or download as the goal has been set up.

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