Handling relationships is said to be an integral part of managing a business. A lot can differ between the time a person first learns about your company and later when they gradually become your customer. The customer relationship management software helps a lot with this critical process. More than just tracking your customers, the CRM softwares help a lot with multiple elements of your business from analytics to the help desk. A high-quality system also scales the needs of your business of any size. The CRM softwares also help in coordinating interdepartmental actions. As for example, the sales representatives can take advantage of something a customer service agent has discovered in a separate transaction. Based on the software you choose, you can fix and measure the sales goals, track any email marketing campaigns, or even keep an eye on how people respond on social media.

Without a proper CRM software, there might be many shifting pieces to bear in mind without missing through the cracks. Thus, if you wish to invest in a quality CRM software, and is unsure of which one fits well for your business, we are here to help you. The list we have mentioned is tested and thoroughly analyzed to help you in the best way possible. Have a look at it and choose the one that best fits the ultimate growth of your business.


The very first thing that makes Hubspot immensely popular is that it still offers most of its advanced features for free- something that is of the essence for smaller businesses. In addition to all that, it has options for heavy customization too to suit the business requirements of all probable business types.

Next come the marketing and sales bend of this CRM, which provides multiple automation and customization options to offer superior personalization for a client-facing role- a feature most other CRMs lack.

Hubspot CRM is also linked to almost all the probable touchpoints such as phone calls, emails, websites, social media, etc. where the sales happen. Also, Hubspot is compatible with almost each and every platform that an organization could probably use.

Hubspot CRM is easy to use and learn and offers active customer support over the call, as well as chat and mail.

If someone would want to integrate a bot with Hubspot as well, that can be done with ease too!


Netsuite is a complete front-office solution and probably the only one which provides a 360-degree view of the customers. While hyper-personalization as a domain is still picking up, Netsuite CRM has already integrated bits and pieces of that into its functionality.

The CRM seamlessly integrates with the marketing and sales activities as well as financing, warehousing, and dispatch functions too. It is a through and through CRM, which tracks the entire customer journey right from the lead stage to the final conversion.

Netsuite allows for automated remarketing options, too, in addition, to cross and upselling.


The biggest thing that works in favor of Zoho CRM is the entire ecosystem of products by Zoho, commonly called the Zoho Suite. It can be easily enabled, just at the click of a button to upgrade the plan. Plus, they give the first year free, which has resulted in multiple small to mid-scale businesses join them.

Zoho offers a solution for organization-wide management, encompassing not just sales and marketing but customer support, inventory management, Human resource handling, and warehousing as well. Zoho allows for real-time alerts as well as its unique lead scoring feature has been pretty successful in helping businesses with lead prioritization.

With almost all the features which an organization could require, Zoho now has AI-enabled data analytics, too, which makes its analytics even more accurate and way faster.


Freshsales, a premium product from the house of Freshworks, is a handy CRM for all business sizes. It comes with multiple levels of upgrades which the businesses could choose from given their requirement.

Freshsales has a highly interactive and intuitive UI and comes packed with an inbuilt phone and email features too.

Freshsales has also very recently integrated AI systems into it, which helps with lead scoring, visual deal pipeline, and workflow automation too.

Regarding the customer support, there is a round the clock availability of the team of chat, call, and email.


Bitrix has to be one of the leading free online CRMs in the world as it is being used by over 3.5 million companies worldwide. It is available on the cloud as well as an on-premise solution with open-source access.

Bitrix provides an option for chat, video, email, telephone, SMS, social as well as intranet connections all in one place, making it the go-to CRM for not just client relations handling but also in-team communication.

Bitrix comes integrated with not just marketing and sales automation but also project management tools, and even a website builder should that be required.

Bitrix offers an easily navigable and user-friendly interface, enabling the entire functionalities to be handled from pretty much the home page itself. Telephony can be integrated into the system as well.

Finally, Bitrix also has an inbuilt live chat option that can be integrated into websites. The Bitrix customer support can be accessed round the clock through chat, call, or email.


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